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  1. class Config extends Properties with Serializable

    Documentation of config values

    Documentation of config values

    TODO is loaded and then overwritten by the job specific config, however, we are working on removing universal properties by setting (and documenting) sensible default values here, that CAN be overwritten in job sepcific config

    Guideline: * Use Java/Scaladoc always * Parameters (lazy val) MUST be documented in the following manner:

    1. provide info about how the parameter works 2. describe all checks done, i.e. fail on null or >300 3. state the default value * Parameters MUST follow this pattern:
    2. if the config param is called "base-dir" then the param MUST be "baseDir" 2. i.e. replace - by CamelCase, since "-" can not be used in scala

    TODO @Fabian please: * go through universal properties and other configs and move all comments here * after removing place a comment in the property file refering to * set default values according to * try to FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES above, add TODO if unclear * if possible, move all def functions to ConfigUtils * check the classes using the params for validation checks and move them here

Value Members

  1. object Config extends Serializable

  2. object ConfigUtils

  3. package dataparser

  4. package mappings

  5. package provenance

  6. package transform