package iri

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Type Members

  1. class AtomicIRISection extends IRISection

  2. class ComplexAltIRISection extends IRISection

  3. class ComplexSeqIRISection extends IRISection

  4. class IRI extends apache.jena.iri.IRI

    Created by chile on 30.09.17.

    Created by chile on 30.09.17. Overrides all functions using AbsIRIImpl.getCooked which is not implemented and returns the raw results instead

  5. trait IRISection extends AnyRef

    IRI section interface

  6. class IRISyntaxException extends Exception

  7. class IriCharacters extends AnyRef

  8. class SectionDelineator extends IRISection

  9. class URI extends IRI

    Created by chile on 02.10.17.

  10. class UriDecoder extends AnyRef

  11. class UriToIriDecoder extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object IRI

  2. object IRIBuilder

    Created by chile on 01.10.17.

    Created by chile on 01.10.17.

    The IRIBuilder contains definitions of valid segments of an IRI, defined as instances of IRISection (see below). All IRI sections are defined as specified in RFC3987 ( TODO The only exceptions to this rule are IP literals as host(e.g. for IPV6). While all but one atomic sections are implemented as AtomicSection, the pct-encoded (percent encoded characters) section is implemented as a simple heuristic, since it has to consider multiple characters in sequence. Some variations of atomic sections as simple complex sections concerned with their receptiveness are subsumed (e.g. isegment & isegment-nz).

  3. object URI

  4. object UriUtils