package datatypes

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Type Members

  1. class Datatype extends OntologyType

    Base class of all data types.

  2. class DimensionDatatype extends Datatype

    Represents a dimension.

  3. class EnumerationDatatype extends Datatype with Serializable

    Represents an enumeration of literals.

  4. class FactorUnitDatatype extends UnitDatatype

    Represents a unit that can be converted to the standard unit for its dimension by adding an offset and multiplication by a certain factor.

  5. class InconvertibleUnitDatatype extends UnitDatatype

    Represents a unit that cannot be converted to any other unit.

  6. class StandardUnitDatatype extends UnitDatatype

    Defines a standard unit of a specific dimension.

  7. abstract class UnitDatatype extends Datatype

    Represents a unit.