package ontology

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Type Members

  1. class DBpediaNamespace extends RdfNamespace

  2. class Ontology extends Serializable

    Represents an ontology.

  3. class OntologyClass extends OntologyType

    Represents an ontology class.

  4. class OntologyDatatypeProperty extends OntologyProperty

    Represents a datatype property.

  5. abstract class OntologyEntity extends Serializable

    Represents a (named) entity in the ontology

    Represents a (named) entity in the ontology

    TODO: an entitiy should contain its base uri and prefix.

  6. class OntologyObjectProperty extends OntologyProperty

    Represents an object property.

  7. class OntologyProperty extends OntologyEntity

    Represents an ontology property.

    Represents an ontology property. There are 2 sub classes of this class: OntologyObjectProperty and OntologyDatatypeProperty.

  8. abstract class OntologyType extends OntologyEntity

    This is the base class of OntologyClass and Datatype.

  9. class RdfNamespace extends Serializable

Value Members

  1. object DBpediaNamespace extends Serializable

  2. object OntologyClass extends Serializable

  3. object OntologyDatatypes

    Loads the ontology datatypes.

  4. object RdfNamespace extends Serializable

  5. package datatypes

  6. package io